How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

Sleep is extremely important, but the sleeping position can also have an effect on our health in different ways. It can relieve your back pain or maybe cause it, it can make you snore, it can cause neck discomfort, but it can also affect your levels of energy in the morning.

You need to be aware about your own sleeping position as well as the effects it causes so that you can benefit from it.

These are some of the effects of various sleeping positions and their effects:

Sleeping On The Stomach:This is a reason for your neck and back pain.

On Your Back:This position makes snoring worse, but it also causes lower back pain. Put a pillow under your knees before you go to sleep so that you could support the curve of your spine.

Your Side:Sleep apnea and snoring might cause high blood pressure as well as heart disease. Sleep on the side to alleviate back pain. Put a small pillow between your legs and you’ll alleviate the pressure from your hips and back.

Left side:This is a position that is especially beneficial for pregnant women because it improves the transport of nutrients throughout your body and improve the blood flow.

Starfish:It’s a sleeping position that will decrease the acid reflux, but also alleviate your back and neck pain.

Soldier:If you sleep with your arms by each side, it signifies that you try to keep close to yourself.

Spooning:It’s a special position which helps you release oxytocin. This is a hormone which decreases stress and improves your relationsh

So, here are some tips that are especially useful for this:

How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health!!

In case you’re having problems to fall asleep or sleep well, you won’t be able to rest well.

  • Make your bedroom a pleasant place for sleeping;
  • Wear a sleep mask;
  • Try to have a routine: go to sleep and wake up in the morning at a precise time;
  • Try not to eat any heavy meals 3 hours before you go to bed;
  • Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed;
  • Don’t drink coffee or caffeinated drinks in the evening;
  • Avoid using gadgets;
  • Exercise regularly and try to be as active as you can during the day.

It’s very important to sleep well as our complete wellbeing and health depend on that. Try to sleep well every night. 7-8 hours a night are what everyone needs to feel full of energy the following day and well rested!